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The difference between the north coast of Cornwall and North Cornwall's heritage coast is this. The north coast of Cornwall stretches from Lands End to the Devon border near Morwenstowe whereas the North Cornwall coast stretches from Porthcothan to the Devon border near Morwenstowe.


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Quiz Break 

Finally! We have a quiz for you.

If you are a resident of North Cornwall, then this quiz should be easy.

Below are ten questions and the answers can be found here in North Cornwall. Answer them all correctly and then forward your answers in an e-mail, to us at info@northcornwall.org and you will be in with a chance of winning a great prize.


1. Where and what is St Knighton's Kieve?

2. Which town boasts the largest church in Cornwall?

3. Which town was the ancient capital of Cornwall?

4. What is the name of the highest hill in Cornwall?

5. Where is the source of the river Camel?

6. Where is King Arthur's round table supposedly buried?

7. Who built St Petroc's church in Padstow?

8. How many arches where on the original bridge constructed on wool at Wadebridge?

9. What is the name of the rock where, legend says, a hermitage, dedicated to the Holy Trinity and St Michael, once stood?

10. Which North Cornwall hotel was portrayed has an asylum in the 1979 film version of Dracula?














There are three prizes to be won:

1st Prize 50   2nd Prize 25   3rd Prize 10

Just for fun


Wheat & Chaff ?  Help us sort it !

Whether you live here or not, if you have used a business or service in North Cornwall please let us know what your experience with them was like. Good or bad, we want to know.


Make North Cornwall an even better place

Found something wrong that needs putting right. Then let us know. Whether it's a dodgy road junction, an unclean beach, a forgotten footpath ! Tell us about it.


 Calling all holidaymakers

If you have stayed with any accommodation provider in North Cornwall then let us know. Whether the service you received was good or bad, we want to know.



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