Sorting out the wheat from the chaff.

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Sorting the wheat from the chaff.

Whether you live here or not, if you have used a business or service in North Cornwall please let us know your experiences with them. Good or bad, we want to know.




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Send us you experiences

Just e-mail a description of the experience you have had , be it good or bad, with any north Cornwall business or tradesman to us at the address below.

             E-mail us:

Remember to include the name of the service and details of the quality of service provided.


North Cornwall Accommodation

We wish to hear from people who have used any of the accommodation providers in north Cornwall, whether your stay was good or bad, we need to know.  

             E-mail us:

Remember to include the name of the accommodation and your opinions has regard the service received.


North Cornwall food producers

We have lots of high quality food producers in North Cornwall and we want to know where you are and what you do.

  E-mail us:

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